In line with the of aims of the Neurosciences graduate school of progressively increasing the specialisation of students’ formation, we are building a new path for Master 2 (M2) in computational neurosciences. This path, with an opening planned for September 2025, will allow the formation in the field of computational neurosciences through an interdisciplinary program at the edge between neurosciences, engineering, mathematics, physics and informatics. 

The University of Lyon 1 has already recruited a Junior Professor in computational neurosciences responsible for the construction and for the evolution of such formation (Matteo di Volo : matteo.di-volo [at] New teaching units (UE) have been already created in computational neurosciences in the context of the Master in Neurosciences, one UE in the M2FCN path and one UE at the M1 level, thus allowing a progressive specialization in this field. 

Bilateral interactions between departments of mathematics, informatics and neurosciences have been built through co-supervision of M2 internships. In the view of a progressive formation, a dual path in mathematics and neurosciences at the Licence level is under preparation at UCBL1 with a possible opening in 2024.