The Neurosciences Graduate School “from Neurons to Brains” is part of the Graduate PLUS initiative that the Lyon-St-Etienne academic site is developing in the context of the SFRI program of the French National Research  Agency (ANR).

The aim of the School is to propose an interdisciplinary research-based training program and to structure the interactions between University and the neuroscience research community. The School proposes a global strategy centred around two main axes: internationalisation and research-based training.

To achieve these objectives the School develops specific actions in four areas: FELLOWSHIPS, PLATFORMS, MENTORING and PATHS.

The actions are implemented by integrating teaching activities from the undergraduate to the doctoral level, and through close collaboration with research laboratories.


The Neuroscience undergraduate program is based on a general first year of discovery of the various fields of Biology. In the second and third years, in parallel with the gradual implementation of specialisation, it provides and consolidates knowledge in cell biology, immunology, genetics and physiology. Head : Véronique Pellier-Monnin. 


The Master of Neuroscience proposes a highly interdisciplinary program that covers topics ranging from basic research in human and animal models to applied and translational Neuroscience. Head : Corine Amat.


The Neurosciences and Cognition Doctoral School (ED NSCo) is one of only two doctoral schools in France dedicated solely to studying the brain and its functions. It gathers together those members of Lyon’s scientific community who specialize in the neurosciences, with a particular focus on integrative and cognitive neurosciences. Head : Céline Amiez.